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The Angels Are Here!

Full-Color 50-page Children's Book:


Angels, Your Friends and Helpers Book is available now


Angels! Angels!

Poems * Prayers * Illustrations

True Stories of Intercession

~ ~ ~

How to Pray to Them,
Their Special Rays & Days

~ ~ ~

Common to All Faiths

Plus a Gorgeous Foldout --
Archangels & Children
Around the World


Trevor's 3 angels story

To Read A Story:
Trevor's Three Angels

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Our intent with this book is to inspire children to work and play in a closer relationship with angels, their heavenly guardians and friends.

-- The Authors

Thank you for the lovely angel book. I've been reading it to Haley. The book artwork is amazing. The whole book is just great!

-- D.F., Minneapolis, MN

We love your book and the phenomenal illustrations. What a blessing to see Trevor's story in there.

-- J.H., Kerrville, TX


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PLUS: Treat Your Children to a Coloring Book!


We are Rainbow Angels of Heavenly Light.  We love to be with you day and night.  So give us the colors that we like best, say our names out loud, and we'll do the rest!


of the

Eighteen pages of simple teaching about angels and beautiful angel pictures to color! The children get to know the seven Archangels, all about them, their very special gifts, colors rays, and how to call to them for protection, love, healing and much, much more.



Angels of the Rainbow back cover


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Angels illustrated book
An Illustrated Book of
Angels, Your Friends and Helpers

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Angels Coloring Book
A Coloring Book of

Angels of the Rainbow

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